Workshop: Informing the use of Patents to Study Invention and Innovation

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Over its seven years of existence, the SciSIP Program, which supports research designed to advance the scientific basis of science and innovation policy, has supported many studies which have utilized data on patents as their principal empirical probe. Sophisticated models, new methods and increasing computational power have been brought to bear to the examination of patenting activity, and as a consequence much has been learned. But over this time many have come to question the underlying utility of patents as a proxy measure for invention in light of changes to patent law and the evolution of patenting practice by firms. The workshop brings together leading academic researchers, patent legal scholars as well as representatives from the governmental agencies and businesses which use patents. The results will help in formulating R&D policy and allocating R&D resources.

The goals of the workshop are to identify research themes in which the use of patent data has been useful and appropriate; to discuss new research domains for which patents are an appropriate source of empirical analysis; develop an agreed understanding of the challenges and limitations in using patent data (particularly those limitations which may have been borne in recent years as the practice of patent law has changed the manner in which patents are pursued and ultimately authored); and lastly to offer ways in which various stakeholders regarding patent data can work to address and/or overcome these limitations and challenges.

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Deborah Strumsky
Arizona State University
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May, 01 2017
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Apr, 20 2017
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Apr, 30 2018
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Maryann Feldman
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