NSF SciSIP Awards

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Nathan Hultman
University of Maryland College Park
CAREER: Policy for low-carbon technology investment: A comparative international perspective on emerging economy responses to climate change
1056998 Feb, 15 2011
Scott Stern
Fiona Scott Morton
National Bureau of Economic Research Inc
The Industrial Organization of the Biologics Industry: Theory, Empirics and Policy
1064341 Sep, 15 2011
Petra Moser
National Bureau of Economic Research Inc
CAREER: Effects of Immigrant Scientists and IPRS on Innovation
1151180 May, 15 2012
Heidi Williams
National Bureau of Economic Research Inc
CAREER: Empirical Studies of Innovation in Health Care Markets
1151497 Apr, 15 2012
Amil Petrin
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
The Impact of Research and Development on Quality, Productivity, and Welfare
1158750 Sep, 01 2012
Maryann Feldman
Janet Bercovitz, Michael Roach
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The Evolving Research Enterprise
1158755 May, 15 2012
Pascaline Dupas
Stanford University
CAREER: Empirical Studies of Technology Adoption
1254167 May, 01 2013
Kevin Zollman
Carnegie-Mellon University
CAREER: Incentives, Diversity, and Scientific Problem Choice
1254291 Jul, 01 2013
Diego Comin
National Bureau of Economic Research Inc
Drivers and Effects of Technology Adoption
1262249 Apr, 01 2013
Barry Bozeman
Jeffrey Wenger, Jan Youtie
Arizona State University
Credibility and Use of Scientific and Technical Information in Science Policy Making: An Analysis of the Information Bases of the National Research Council's Committee Reports
1262251 Sep, 15 2013