NSF SciSIP Awards

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Evgeny Klochikhin
Sanjay Arora
American Institutes for Research in the Behavioral Sciences
EAGER: The Web of Innovation: Using Website Data to Understand How Firms Innovate
1646773 Sep, 01 2016
Christopher Hayter
Arizona State University
Science Policy Research Report: Entrepreneurial Career Opportunities for Science and Engineering Postdoctoral Researchers
1723769 May, 15 2017
David Waldman
Donald Siegel
Arizona State University
Assessing the Impact of Organizational Justice on Academic Entrepreneurship: Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence From University Scientists
1534324 Sep, 01 2015
Deborah Strumsky
Arizona State University
Workshop: Informing the use of Patents to Study Invention and Innovation
1738144 May, 01 2017
Barry Bozeman
Jeffrey Wenger, Jan Youtie
Arizona State University
Credibility and Use of Scientific and Technical Information in Science Policy Making: An Analysis of the Information Bases of the National Research Council's Committee Reports
1262251 Sep, 15 2013
Leah Gerber
Derrick Anderson
Arizona State University
The behavioral and institutional determinants of public value knowledge outcomes in conservation science
1661406 May, 01 2017
Eswaran Subrahmanian
Carnegie-Mellon University
Engineering a Better Future: Interplay of Social Science, Engineering and Innovation
1550914 Feb, 01 2016
Kevin Zollman
Carnegie-Mellon University
CAREER: Incentives, Diversity, and Scientific Problem Choice
1254291 Jul, 01 2013
Chad Sparber
Colgate University
The Effect of H-1B Workers on the Innovation and Productivity in US Firms
1535580 Sep, 01 2015
Debasis Mitra
Columbia University
Collaborative Research: Models and Analyses of Industrial Laboratories: Returns, Risks, and Structural Efficiency, with Implications for Sustainability and Science Policy
1360189 May, 01 2014