NSF SciSIP Awards

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Chaomei Chen
Drexel University
A Visual Analytic Observatory of Scientific Knowledge
1633286 Sep, 01 2016
Johan Bollen
Cassidy Sugimoto
Indiana University
An empirical investigation of the Goodhart effect for the widespread introduction of (alt)metrics
1636636 Sep, 01 2016
Gwen Arnold
University of California-Davis
Analyzing the Role of Social Networks in Local Government Decision-Making about High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing
1535004 Aug, 01 2015
Lauren Cohen
Umit Gurun, Scott Kominers
National Bureau of Economic Research Inc
Assessing the Impact of Non-Practicing Entities on U.S. Innovation
1535813 Sep, 01 2015
David Waldman
Donald Siegel
Arizona State University
Assessing the Impact of Organizational Justice on Academic Entrepreneurship: Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence From University Scientists
1534324 Sep, 01 2015
Lee Fleming
University of California-Berkeley
Can crowd wisdom - and funding - enhance regional innovation and entrepreneurship? Evidence to inform policy.
1661311 Jul, 01 2017
Petra Moser
National Bureau of Economic Research Inc
CAREER: Effects of Immigrant Scientists and IPRS on Innovation
1151180 May, 15 2012
Heidi Williams
National Bureau of Economic Research Inc
CAREER: Empirical Studies of Innovation in Health Care Markets
1151497 Apr, 15 2012
Pascaline Dupas
Stanford University
CAREER: Empirical Studies of Technology Adoption
1254167 May, 01 2013
Anne Washington
George Mason University
CAREER: Improving the Reuse of Open Data
1654464 May, 01 2017