NSF SciSIP Awards

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Usha Haley
West Virginia University Research Corporation
EAGER:Technology Development, Strategic Risk and National Policy: The Impact of Chinese State-Capitalist Investments in U.S. Shale Gas
1661733 Mar, 01 2017
Stephen David
Oregon Health and Science University
EAGER: The impact of mentorship networks on academic research
1646635 Nov, 01 2016
Alan Porter
Jan Youtie
Search Technology Inc
EAGER: Using the ORCID ID and Emergence Scoring to Study Frontier Researchers
1645237 Oct, 01 2016
Jonathon Cummings
Wesley Cohen
Duke University
Organizing the Firm for Innovation: A Bridge Between Innovation Strategy and Implementation
1633251 Sep, 15 2016
Gaetan de Rassenfosse
Marie Thursby
National Bureau of Economic Research Inc
EAGER: IPRoduct: A Database of Linked Products-intellectual Property Rights
1645264 Sep, 15 2016
John Walsh
Georgia Tech Research Corporation
EAGER: Collaborative Research: Structural Characteristics and the Pace of Scientific Advance
1646459 Sep, 01 2016
Anne Washington
George Mason University
Digital Strategy of Open Data Suppliers
1635449 Sep, 01 2016
Stasa Milojevic
Filippo Radicchi
Indiana University
EAGER: Structural Characteristics and the Pace of Scientific Advance
1645585 Sep, 01 2016
Daniel Larremore
Mirta Galesic
Santa Fe Institute
Collaborative Research: Academic hiring networks and scientific productivity across disciplines
1633747 Sep, 01 2016
Chaomei Chen
Drexel University
A Visual Analytic Observatory of Scientific Knowledge
1633286 Sep, 01 2016