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Principal Investigator(s) Award Tags Award Number
Jason Owen-Smith (University of Michigan Ann Arbor)
Margaret Levenstein (University of Michigan Ann Arbor)
Estimating the Economic and Scientific Impact of Federal R&D Spending by Universities
Estimating the economic and scientific impact of federal R&D spending by universities Researchers: Jason Ow
Business, Contact Details, Jason Owen-Smith, Technology 1158711
Susan Cozzens (Gordon Research Conferences)
Nancy Gray (Gordon Research Conferences)
2012 Science and Technology Policy Gordon Research Seminar
2012 science and technology policy gordon research seminar Researchers: Susan Cozzens and
Contact Details, Education, Gordon Conferences, Technology, technology policy, technology policy gordon research seminar 1247303
Griffin Weber (Harvard University)
Using Researcher Profiles to Demonstrate the Impact of Investments in Science
Using researcher profiles to demonstrate the impact of investments in science Researcher: Griffin Weber, Harvard University
Contact Details, researcher, Technology, Using researcher 1238469
Lynne Zucker (National Bureau of Economic Research)
Michael Darby (National Bureau of Economic Research)
Connecting Outcome Measures of Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Science (COMETS)
Connecting outcome measures of entrepreneurship, technology, and science (COMETS) Researchers: Lynne Zucker and
Contact Details, Lynne Zucker, scientist, Technology 1158907
Amil Petrin (University of Minnesota Twin Cities)
The Impact of Research and Development on Quality, Productivity, and Welfare
The impact of research and development on quality, productivity, and welfare Researcher: Amil Petrin, University of Minnesota Twin Cities Co-Fund: Economics
Business, Contact Details, Minnesota, researcher, Technology, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, University of Minnesota Twin Cities 1158750
James Evans (University of Chicago)
Andrey Rzhetsky (University of Chicago)
Tracing Influence and Predicting Impact In Science
Tracing influence and predicting impact in science Researchers: James Evans and
Contact Details, James Evans, media mentions, Technology 1158803
Shawn Kantor (National Bureau of Economic Research)
Alex Whalley (National Bureau of Economic Research)
The Long-Term Regional Economic Impacts from Public Investment in University Research
The long-term regional economic impacts from public investment in university researchResearchers: Shawn Kantor and Alex Whalley, National Bureau of Economic Research
Alex Whalley, Contact Details, National Bureau of Economic Research, Shawn Kantor, Social Issues, Technology 1158794
Michael Bikard (MIT)
Organizations and the Diffusion of Scientific Knowledge
Organizations and the diffusion of scientific knowledgeResearchers: Scott Stern and Michael Bikard, Massachusett
Contact Details, Massachusetts, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Scott Stern 1158763
Cassidy Sugimoto (Indiana University)
Ying Ding (Indiana University)
Stasa Milojevic (Indiana University)
Incubators of Knowledge: Predicting Protege Productivity and Impact in the Social Sciences
Incubators of Knowledge: Predicting protégé productivity and impact in the social sciences Researchers: Cassidy Sugimoto, Ying Ding and Stasa Milojevic, Indiana University
advisor, Advisors, Cassidy Sugimoto, Contact Details, Education, Indiana, Indiana University, Indiana University, Ying Ding 1158670
John Willinsky (Stanford University)
The NIH Public Access Policy: Potential Impact on Physicians and Community Health Organizations
The NIH Public access policy: potential impact on physicians and communtiy health organizations Researcher: John Willinsky, Stanford University
Contact Details, Health, National Institute of Health, researcher, Social Issues, Stanford University, Stanford University, Technology 1158673