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Arnold Zellner (University of Chicago)
A Study of the Economic Impacts of the 2009 U.S. Stimulus Package and Its Science Policies
Award Abstract: The finding that information-technology-related increases in total factor productivity (i.e., innovation)explained more than three-quarters of the post199
2009, Arnold Zellner, Business, economic impacts, impact, policy, principal investigator, science, Stimulus, United States 0940331
Amy Pienta (University of Michigan Ann Arbor)
Myron Gutmann (Former Co-Principal Investigator)
Evaluating Impact of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on Social Science: An NSF RAPID Proposal
Award Abstract: This research will develop a database of the investments in and outcomes of social science projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.,
2009, Amy Pienta, ARRA, impact, leader in data dissemination, National Science Foundation, Person Career, principal investigator, RAPID, Social Issues, social science, Technology 0937370
Sarah Turner (University of Virginia)
John Bound (Co-Principal Investigator)
Federal Stimulus Funding for Research: An Assessment of Employment Responses
Award Abstract: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (2009) includes substantial direct and indirect support for research in a number of scientific and social scien
2009, ARRA, Department of Education, Department of Energy, Education, hiring, impact, Labor, National Institute of Health, National Science Foundation, principal investigator, S&E, Sarah Turner, Stimulus, Technology, Universities, University of Virginia, University of Virginia, Virginia 0938446
Sheila Slaughter (University of Georgia)
James Hearn (Co-Principal Investigator)
MOD: Workshop on Centers, Universities, and the Scientific Innovation Ecology
Award Abstract: This project supports a two day workshop to advance the scientific study of federally funded centers and institutes as key elements in the innovation ecos
2009, ecology, Georgia, innovation, principal investigator, science, Sheila Slaughter, Technology, United States, Universities, University of Georgia, University of Georgia, workshop 0907827
Mariann Jelinek (College of William and Mary)
Collaborative Research - MOD: The R&D "Lab" of the Future: Foundations for Modeling the R&D/Innovation Planning Process
Award Abstract: This project examines the information seeking and using behaviors of decision makers who face decisions about their future R&D investments.
2008, Center for Innovation Management Studies, collaborative research, College of William, College of William and Mary, Industrial Research Institute, Industrial Research Institute, innovation, Laboratory of the Future, Mariann Jelinek, Model, planning, principal investigator, R&D, Technology, United States 0830340
Maryann Feldman (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
State Science Policies: Modeling Their Origins, Nature, Fit, and Effects on Local Universities
Award Abstract: Each of the fifty U.S. states has adopted science and innovation policy initiatives aimed at improving economic performance.
2009, Maryann Feldman, policy, principal investigator, science, United States, Universities, university incentive systems, University of North Carolina 0947814
Sara Kiesler (Carnegie-Mellon University)
Collaborative Research: MOD: Modeling Productive Climates for Virtual Research Collaborations
Award Abstract: An important kind of virtual research organization is the project-based research collaboration involving researchers from different institutions.
2008, collaborative research, Environment, Model, National Science Foundation, principal investigator, Sara Kiesler, Technology, virtual research collaborations 0830306
Gerald Marschke (SUNY at Albany)
Collaborative Research: Workshop on Linking NSF SED/SDR Data to Scientific Productivity Data
Award Abstract: This proposal funds a workshop that brings together researchers to explore possibilities for matching U.S.
2007, Business, collaborative research, data, Gerald Marschke, National Science Foundation, patent, principal investigator, Social Issues, United States, workshop 0725467
Kimberly Stevens Hamilton (ipIQ Acquisition LLC)
Data on Scientific Publications
Award Abstract: Not available.
2006, data, Entertainment, Human Interest, ipIQ Acquisition LLC, Kimberly Stevens Hamilton, National Science Foundation, principal investigator, publications, scientific publications 0651343
Julie Holland Mortimer (Harvard University)
Ulrich Doraszelski (Co-Principal Investigator)
Economic Impacts of Technological Innovations in Product Availability
Award Abstract: The process of retailing and distributing goods has become increasingly complex in recent years.
Business, Co-Principal Investigator, Economic, Harvard University, Harvard University, impacts, information technologies, innovation, inventory monitoring technology, inventory monitoring technology, Julie Holland Mortimer, Person Career, principal investigator, retail, Tags: 2006, Technology, Ulrich Doraszelski, wireless networks 0617896