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Re: Congressional and Executive branch requests for information-- about tracking and monitoring science investments

Sent by: Clark Miller --B_3317316023_21509646Content-Type: text/plain; charset="ISO-8859-1"Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printableHi David,A little bit of both, I guess,

Public Value Mapping: Assessing the Non-Economic Value of R&D

Sent by: Daniel Sarewitz Folks: the latest issue of Minerva includes six articles on Public ValueMapping, an approach to assessing the non-economic value of R&D:http://sp

Re: R&D Dashboard

Sent by: "Heisey, Paul" This of course raises further issues.How are outcomes defined? Can they be measured?

RE: importance of diversity in DPSN's

Sent by: "Surko, Pamela" Interesting related work has been done by Niki Kittur, at CarnegieMellon on distributed cognition.

Re: Most scientists in this country are Democrats. That's a problem.

Sent by: "Phillips" My last post in response to Daniel Sarewitz=92 essay noted that a former =executive director of the APA, a U. of Arizona Prof Emeritus, and an =ex-U.

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