Andrew McCallum

Database of NIH grants using machine-learned categories and graphical clustering

Authors: Edmund M Talley, David Newman, David Mimno, Bruce W Herr II, Hanna M Wallach, Gully A P C Burns, A G Miriam Leenders & Andrew McCallum

Nature Methods

RE: Listing of US academic institutions

Sent by: "Gill, Kohl S (DRL)" The Carnegie Institute or Foundation maintains a list that is sometimesreferenced in legislation.

Re: Listing of US academic institutions

Sent by: Andrew McCallum I do research in machine learning, information extraction and information integration that could ultimately produce such a list, but I don't have

Re: Help re citations data

Sent by: Andrew McCallum My students and I used statistical topic models to propose some new =20measures of bibliometric impact.

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