[scisip] NSF workshop on Transformative Research

Hello, Those on the list into twitter may be interested in keeping an eye on the hashtag #NSFTR today and early tomorrow.

[scisip] Chronicle article on altmetrics for academic impact

I suspect that many of you will find this article of interest: http://chronicle.com/article/As-Scholarship-Goes-Digital/130482/#disqus_thread. With best wishes, Britt J.

[scisip] How do we know SciSIP research is having an impact?

I think this is a general quandary for all research that aims to have a broader impact, but especially for research that aims to have an impact on science policy. I present our SciSIP-funded resear

RE: Conference on the Science of Science & Innovation Policy?

Sent by: "Phillips" May I bring to your attention the 'International Conference on =Technology Policy and Innovation' series?=20The 12th conference in the series was just held in

WEPAN Knowledge Center

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