Productivity- in economics refers to measures of output from production processes, per unit of input.

Industrial Productivity

Industrial Productivity is the total output of U.S. factories and mines; a key economic indicator released monthly by the Federal Reserve Board.

MOD: Firm Innovation, Selection and Labor Market Frictions

Principal Investigator(s): 
Rasmus Lentz (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Award Abstract: The project adopts the view that firms differ fundamentally in the extent to which their innovations contribute to aggregate productivity.

Award Number: 

Improving Productivity and Innovation Metrics: The Case of Financial Services

Principal Investigator(s): 
Carol Corrado (The Conference Board, Inc.)
Bart van Ark (Co-Principal Investigator)
Janet Hao (Co-Principal Investigator)
Charles Hulten (Co-Principal Investigator)

Award Abstract: This research develops measures of firms?

Award Number: 

The US Productivity Slowdown, the Baby Boom, and Management Quality by Feyrer


Feyrer, James. The US Productivity Slowdown, the Baby Boom, and Management Quality.

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