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The purpose of the site is to:

  • Serve as a hub for communication and promote knowledge sharing between and among researchers, practitioners, and the general public
  • Provide easily accessible information about SoSP topics that the community considers interesting, relevant, and important
  • Support an SoSP community of practice, while remaining flexible to what form this will take


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How do I register and sign into the site?

How do I join the SciSIP or the ITG communities?

What does it mean to be a member of the SoSP, SciSIP, or ITG community?

  • About SoSP: Registered site users can read and contribute to material on the site, except for the SciSIP Central and ITG Central sections
  • About SciSIP: Registered users who join the SciSIP group can read and contribute to material on the site, including material in the SciSIP Central section
  • About ITG: Registered users who join the ITG group can read and contribute to material on the site, including material in the ITG Central section

Why should I add tags?

  • Tags provide a key organizational tool for materials on this website; tags should be added to any uploaded document and to all User profiles to allow other Users to find materials and people by topic of interest

What is the purpose of having a profile?

  • A profile allows other Users to know more about you and provides you a place to advertize your accomplishments, publications, and interests; commenting on others' profiles allows you to connect with other users of similar interests

What should I include in my profile?

  • Anything!  We recommend you include professional and educational background, awards received, publications, and Key Terms (a.k.a. Tags or professional interests)

How do I search for documents?

How do I search for people?

How do I learn more about a topic of interest?

What if something important is missing from the site?

  • Add it!  Your contributions to Community Resources, News & Events, and the Key Concepts wiki form the backbone of the information on this site.  Your continuing contributions will keep the site relevant and robust. 


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