How to upload documents

To upload a document, first click on the upload button, in the example below, the user is uploading a documents to "Publications and Other Documents":

This will take you to a page that looks like:

From here, you click on the "Specify File/URL," which will display the following screen:

Where you can either upload a file from your computer or provide the URL link to it. 

  • To upload a document from your computer, select the item "Upload File" on the left and click the "Browse" button to locate the file on your computer. After selecting the file you wish to upload, click the "Save" button.
  • To link to a document that exists somewhere else on the internet, select "Link to URL" and enter the URL for the file in thespace provided.

After uploading the file, please complete the title, description, and tag portions of the form.  Tags are especially important because they will provide other Users with a way to access your document, through the Tag search function. 

After completing all the fields, click the "Save" button and your document will be uploaded.