Science and Policy Analyst--Union of Concerned Scientists

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The Center for Science and Democracy at UCS is dedicated to strengthening and defending the essential role of science in democratic dialogue and policymaking. Through cutting-edge analysis and effective outreach and advocacy, we hold decisionmakers, media, and vested interests accountable, and defend the scientific process and scientists in order to secure a healthy and safe environment for all. We work with scientists to help them engage effectively with the public, media and decision makers.

The science and policy analyst works as an effective and collaborative member of a team of researchers, outreach and campaign specialists on a broad range of projects to advance the mission of the Center for Science and Democracy. Under the direction of the senior analyst and program manager assists in the development of CSD research objectives and strategies around independent science, justice and equity, environment, and public health. In consultation and collaboration with colleagues, conceptualizes, develops, and undertakes robust, timely, accessible, and policy-relevant research on a variety of national, regional, and state level issues to advance public support of science and democracy issues.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015