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Aida Nciri | Jul, 06 2017


Call for Book Review - Science and Public Policy


Greetings All,

Science and Public Policy is currently seeking reviewers for the books listed below. Science and Public

Science and Public Policy is a leading international journal on public policies for science, technology and innovation. It covers all types of science and technology in both developed and developing countries (

If you are interested in reviewing one of those books and can complete the review within a two-month period from receiving the book,
please fill out this form:
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Application are open until July 24, 2017. 

Should you have any question, please contact: Aida Nciri (

Aida Nciri & Cooper Langford
Book Review Editors (North America)
Science and Public Policy &



List of books to review:

  • Energy and Civilization, a history, by Vaclav Smil, The MIT Press, May 2017,
  • Climate of Capitulation: An Insider’s Account of State Power in a Coal Nation, By Vivian E. Thomson, The MIT Press, April 2017 -
  • Extraction Empire: Sourcing the Scales, Systems, and States of Canada's Global Resource Empire, Edited by Pierre Bélanger and Nina-Marie Lister, The MIT press, June 2017,
  • Models of Innovation, The History of an Idea, by Benoit Godin,
    The MIT press, February 2017,
  • Global Carbon Pricing, The path to Climate Cooperation, Edited by Peter Cramton, David JC MacKay, Axel Ockenfels, and Steve Stoft, The MIT Press, June 2017,
  • Public Policy, Productive and Unproductive Entrepreneurship, The Impact of Public Policy on Entrepreneurial Outcomes, Edited by Gregory M. Randolph, Michael T. Tasto, Associate Professors, Southern New Hampshire University and Robert F. Salvino Jr., Associate
    Professor, Coastal Carolina University, US, Edward Elgar Press, 2017,
  • Fast Growing Firms in a Slow Growth Economy, Institutional Conditions for Innovation, Edited by Francesca Visintin and Daniel Pittino, Department of Economics and Statistics, University of Udine, Italy, Edward Elgar Press , 2016,
  • Universities and the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Edited by David B. Audretsch, Distinguished Professor and Ameritech Chair of Economic Development, Indiana University, Bloomington and Albert N. Link, Virginia Batte Phillips Distinguished Professor of Economics,
    University of North Carolina at Greensboro, US, Edward Elgar Press, 2017,
  • How Capitalism Detroyed Itself, Technology Displaced by Financial Innovation, By William Kingston, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, Edward Elgar Press, 2017,
  • Critical Studies of Innovation, Alternative Approach to the Pro-Innovation Bias, Edward Elgar Press, May 2017, Edited by Benoît Godin, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS), Canada and Dominique Vinck, Université de Lausanne, Switzerland,
  • The Life Cycle of Cluster, A policy Perspective, Edited by Dirk Fornahl, Centre for Regional and Innovation Economics, University of Bremen and Robert Hassink, Department of Geography, Kiel University, Germany, Edward Elgar Press, April 2017,
  • The Economics of Climate-Resilient Development Edited by Sam Fankhauser, Co-Director, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change, London School of Economics, UK and Thomas K.J. McDermott, School of Economics, University College Cork, Ireland, Edward
    Elgar Press, 2016,
  • Patent Politics Life Forms, Markets, and the Public Interest in the United States and Europe, By Shobita Parthasarathy, The University of Chicago Press, 2017,