Hi Everyone - Given how citizen science has been playing an increased role in science collaborations and science, more generally, I thought some folks would be interested in this.  The National Academies has a new committee out to develop ways to foster
science learning through/with citizen science projects.  This is an important development as it touches not just formal educational practices, but also informal learning and the opportunity to educate the public, more broadly, in science.  The next meeting
is tomorrow (and Thursday) with the remainder in the fall (October 3 and November 29).  If you want to attend remotely, here is the link --




Designing Citizen Science to Support Science Learning 
An ad hoc committee of experts will be appointed to conduct a study on how citizen science projects can be designed to better support science learning. The committee will identify and describe existing citizen science projects that seek to support science
learning, consider research on science learning in both formal and informal settings, and develop a set of evidence-based principles to guide the design of citizen science projects that have science learning as a goal. The committee’s final report will discuss
the potential of citizen science to support science learning, identify promising practices and programs that exemplify the promising practices, and lay out a research agenda that can fill gaps in the current understanding of how citizen science can support
science learning and enhance science education.




Stephen M. Fiore, Ph.D.

Professor, Cognitive Sciences, Department of Philosophy (philosophy.cah.ucf.edu/staff.php?id=134)

Director, Cognitive Sciences Laboratory, Institute for Simulation & Training (http://csl.ist.ucf.edu/)

University of Central Florida


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Fiore, Steve