Science’s Entrepreneurial Dreams

science magazine cover

The June 12, 2015 Issue of Science featured research by the SoSP community. 

With governments pushing for innovations to bolster economies and universities eager to make money off of technology transfer, academic scientists are increasingly considering how to commercialize their research discoveries—and others are studying what makes such entrepreneurship flourish.

There is seemingly limitless, often breathless, rhetoric championing “innovation” and “entrepreneurship” as keys to harnessing science and technology for economic advancement. More elusive, and illuminating, is solid evidence on features that allow a dynamic technology commercialization ecosystem to thrive. Science invited social scientists to highlight insights from their research on what makes entrepreneur-driven systems flourish and how those lessons might inform policies and practices to help make rhetoric reality.


Featured Items:
Accelerators and ecosystems by Yael V. Hochberg and Daniel C. Fehder
Cash from the crowd by Massimo Colombo, Chiara Franzoni, & Cristina Rossi-Lamastra
The entrepreneurial gardeners by Iqbal Quadir
Founders and joiners by Michael Roach and Henry Sauermann
Intangible but bankable by Yael V. Hochberg, Carlos Serrano, & Rosemarie Ziedonis