CitedReferencesExplorer (CRExplorer)

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The CitedReferencesExplorer (CRExplorer) can be used to disambiguate and analyze the cited references (CRs) of a publication set downloaded from the Web of Science (WoS). The tool can be downloaded or web-started from A corresponding guide (paper) can be found at

The tool is especially suitable to identify those publications which have been frequently cited by the researchers in a field and thereby to study for example the historical roots of a research field or topic. CRExplorer simplifies the identification of key publications by enabling the user to work with both a graph for identifying most frequently cited reference publication years (RPYs) and the list of references for the RPYs which have been most frequently cited. A further focus of the program is on the standardization of CRs. It is one of the biggest problems in bibliometrics that there are several variants of the same CR in the WoS.

Contact: Dr. Dr. habil. Lutz Bornmann
Division for Science and Innovation Studies
Administrative Headquarters of the Max Planck Society