Science Policy Research Reports

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The SciSIP program is currently accepting proposals on an immediate and rolling basis up until February 9, 2017 that identify timely science policy topics related to government decision-making and the allocation of scarce scientific resources. These proposals should document, describe and explain important science policy issues that are relevant to current government practices and decision-making. The objective of the projects is to produce (3,000-6,000 word) reports of some aspect of the science of science policy that synthesizes the scientific evidence in a way that summarizes and clarifies what is and what is not known; provide evidence-based recommendations for policy and practice; and note areas for additional research. In addition, the reports should include an executive summary and an index that includes annotations of up to ten of the most salient academic studies and a full reference list.

General Guidance concerning this funding opportunity includes the following:

In keeping with NSF's interest in robust and reliable research, proposals should pay specific attention to ensure that reported results are generalizable, noting limitations and potential sources of bias.
The proposal title should begin with "Science Policy Research Report:".
The recommended length of the project description is 5 pages or less and it should include a research design to synthesize the related scientific evidence, and discuss a strategy to provide actionable policy and practice recommendations.
Proposal budgets may include salary support, research assistance and include travel to a June, 2017 one-day workshop in the Washington D.C. area where awardees will present their work.

The total proposal budget amount should not exceed $50,000.

If you have additional questions concerning this 2017 funding opportunity, please contact Maryann Feldman (