Searching for People

In many cases, you will be searching for content that people have written or uploaded to this website.  But sometimes you want to learn more about the people who have contributed the content.  There are a couple of ways to do just that.

First, any time you've come across an article or post, you will likely see the name of the user who contributed the post.  In the search results page, it might look like this:

You can click on the user's name - in this case the user name is "Administrator" - to learn about the user who contributed the post.

Sometimes, you want to specifically search for people.  To find people, navigate to the Grantees and Members page under SciSIP Central.  This page shows a listing of all people who are contributors and visitors to the site.  This page offers 5 ways to find the person or people of interest:

Search by Keyword - You can find profiles that include a keyword of interest by entering the keyword into the right-side "Search" box.

Search by Affiliation - To find people who have identified themselves as belonging to a certain affiliate organization, enter the key words under the affiliation. 

Search by Tag - To find profiles that have been tagged with certain topics, select the tag or tags on the right.  Like affiliations, you can select multiple tags in this area.

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